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Providing care, treatment, rehabilitation and re-homing of abandoned and homeless dogs in County Durham.

Registered Charity No. 1128800

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Over the last four years, Deerness Kennels have re-homed almost 5,000 dogs, averaging about 720 per year.

Other dogs are brought to, or dumped, at the kennels, some of which are in very bad condition, suffering from starvation and cruelty, even injury! It is hard to imagine how some human beings can inflict pain and degradation to any defenceless animal!

Our website will share some of the more unpleasant stories about the plight of these unfortunate animals, but we will also tell you about our success stories, with happy endings.

We invite you to play a small part in our campaign to save these abandoned dogs, and to help us to help the kennels to identify good homes for them, and continue their policy of non-destruction.

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